TargetAI is an analytical AI-based platform for urban CCTV systems

Security issues
that TargetAI addresses
According to a study by the Department of Information Technologies of Moscow (DIT), the number of thefts dropped by 33% over the first six months of using the intelligent CCTV system.
According to a study by the Scottish Police Authority (SPA), urban video surveillance has helped cut the number of assaults by 14%.
Use of weapons
The TargetAI platform detects illegal use of weapons in the city with up to 85% accuracy, pinpointing the location where shots have been fired.
Drug trafficking
The face recognition system used in the TargetAI platform makes it possible to identify persons involved in drug trafficking with up to 98% accuracy.
Gang violence
According to a study by the College of Policing UK, the use of intelligent urban CCTV systems reduces gang violence by 26%.
A study by the Department of Information Technologies of Moscow (DIT) shows that the number of vandalism cases in the city decreased by 12.5% due to the use of intelligent CCTV systems.
Traffic violations
According to a study by the London School of Economics and Political Science, the use of CCTV cameras to detect traffic violations helps reduce the number of road traffic accidents by 39%, whereas the number of traffic deaths drops by 68%.
Early smoke detection increases response times by emergency services by 10%, while the number of false alarms goes down by 30%.
The core of the system is its cloud infrastructure, which transforms tens of thousands of surveillance cameras across the city into intelligent video devices.
These devices instantly detect events and send alerts, thereby reducing the need for continuous monitoring. The platform contributes to improving security and response times to events in the city.

TargetAI enables municipal and government agencies to leverage the existing urban CCTV infrastructure.
Key facts about Target AI
Designed for smart cities
AI and cloud infrastructure offer unlimited scalability opportunities for CCTV systems for cities of the future. The platform uses open architecture for seamless integration with the existing urban management systems.
Computer vision
Based on state-of-the-art AI developments, TargetAI demonstrates a very high accuracy of people and vehicle recognition. At the same time, false-positive recognition rates are reduced.
Big data and cloud infrastructure
With the help of its cloud infrastructure TargetAI effortlessly processes huge amounts of data from urban CCTV cameras and tags them. Metadata makes it possible to not only analyze the current status, but also make forecasts based on data collected from different parts of the city.
Open architecture
The architecture of the TargetAI analytical platform is open to third-party modules, which empowers the platform to combine information from both CCTV cameras and sensors (microphones, smoke, air pollution, and radiation detectors, etc.). This allows analyzing and automatically mapping out response plans.
TargetAI platform features
Unlimited number of cameras
The cloud infrastructure of the platform allows integrating CCTV systems not only in different parts of one city, but also in different metropolitan areas.
Any cameras and sensors
Owing to its platform independence, TargetAI can combine camera clusters from various manufacturers, including Hikvision, Bosch, Dahua, Axis and others.
Open platform
The TargetAI platform was developed by a resident of Astana Hub in compliance with the applicable data protection legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The company allows checking the code for undocumented features and obtaining a trust software certificate.
Maps with plans of premises
Open, private or military data can be used as the map basis. To facilitate navigation inside buildings, cameras are referenced to plans of premises.
User-friendly interface
Friendliness of user interface (UI) was a priority for system developers.
Cross-platform solution
The state-of-the-art approach to platform design allows its use on any mobile and desktop systems.
Multi-profile system
The multi-profile access system allows differentiating access to cameras and technologies for individual users or groups without increasing the load on the platform.
Live streaming
To ensure the safety of law-enforcement and rescue services during emergencies, the tactical mode is available for emergency access to cameras in an emergency area.
Number plate recognition
The module recognizes license plates of more than 60 countries and is effective in any weather conditions.
Face recognition
The module allows identifying a person with up to 99.9% accuracy (1:1) and comparing images with photos from external databases (1:N).
Detection of suspicious objects
The AI module detects objects left unattended and determines their hazard class.
Perimeter control
The automatic perimeter control module prevents intruders from entering the area requiring no additional sensors.
Determination of vehicle speed
The module determines vehicle speed with a high accuracy of ±1 km/h when using radar. Without radar, the accuracy is ±5 km/h.
PTZ camera control
For the convenience of monitoring centers TargetAI provides PTZ camera control from the platform environment.
Camera and sensor status monitoring
TargetAI constantly monitors the status of cameras to ensure uninterrupted operation and notifies the operator in the event of unauthorized acts.
Minimized infrastructure costs
By leveraging the existing network of urban CCTV cameras and cloud storage, resource management efficiency is markedly enhanced.
Resource saving
The TargetAI platform is capable of replacing hundreds of visual examination operators and accelerating the search process for events, people or vehicles in the video archive by tens of times.
Analytical modules
The TargetAI platform supports the use of AI-based modules, both proprietary and third-party.
The platform allows using blockchain to prevent unauthorized access to the system. It rules out forging access reports.
Hybrid infrastructure
In situations where there are no stable communication channels, the server version of the platform can be used with event synchronization in the cloud.
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