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How TargetAI works

Smart video surveillance from TargetAI allows you to analyze video data using artificial intelligence, big data processing and cloud computing technologies. We connect any type of cameras, are able to integrate with any devices/sensors and interact with other security systems.

We combine any video surveillance cameras into a single interface, regardless of the type of camera (IP/analog) and the manufacturer.

how product works

What tasks does TargetAI solve

Object security

The ability to recognize threats and unwanted incidents in real time and monitor the performance of the video surveillance system 24/7 without human intervention.

Investigation of incidents

Instant verification of the fact of finding any person/car on the object or in a given perimeter, the ability to initiate a search by photo or attributes (gender/age/appearance).

Marketing data

Getting accurate data on the number of visitors with details on uniqueness, age, gender, time and frequency of visits. Video analytics can be used to build heat maps of objects, analyze the load of checkout areas or control the fullness of shelves.

Operational management

Control of personnel and transport at the facility, obtaining accurate statistics on labor discipline or staff activity time. Non-standard analytics is available for individual projects.

Industrial safety

Detection of violations of the safety of people / machines and warning of potentially dangerous situations at work. A separate analytics algorithm is configured for each project.


Obtaining accurate data on the actual work performed by contractors of video surveillance systems, setting up their own algorithms for checking people or events for theft/affiliation.

Advantages of TargetAI

We connect any cameras.
We work with 95% of cameras regardless of the connection type and camera manufacturer.
We use artificial intelligence.
We train neural networks for any business tasks.
We integrate with third-party systems.
We integrate with ACS, we have an open API that simplifies integration tasks.
We support cloud solutions.
We provide the possibility of secure output of CCTV cameras to the cloud to access them from anywhere in the world.
We monitor the performance of the cameras.
We carry out 24/7 monitoring of the operability of cameras and CCTV infrastructure.
We are developing the country's economy.
We have our own development and IT support team in Kazakhstan. We live and work for the good of the country.

Options for connecting to the TargetAI platform

Video bitstreams are streamed to our cloud. Video data analysis and video archive storage (no more than 7 days) are carried out on cloud servers. The platform is accessible from anywhere in the world.

Video streams are broadcast to specialized Edge servers that are installed on the Client's facilities. Video data analytics and archive storage are performed on Edge servers. Each Edge server is connected to the TargetAI cloud platform by a secure channel (10Mb).

Video streams are transmitted to industrial server equipment, which is installed at the Client's facilities. Video data analysis and archive storage are carried out on servers without external access (closed cluster). Technical support of servers and software is performed via a secure channel (10 Mb).


VSaaS Tariff Plans

The final cost and level of discounts are calculated after a free audit of the project

TargetAI Cloud

All cameras are connected to the cloud

₸21,500 /month per 1 camera

activate the service
  • up to 50 cameras.
  • Up to 7 days archive.
  • All software functionality.
  • 24/7 support.

TargetAI Edge

Provision of Edge servers

₸17,000 /month for 1 camera

Connect the service
  • more than 50 cameras.
  • Edge servers for 64/128/256 cameras.
  • up to 30 days archive.
  • All software functionality.
  • 24/7 support.

TargetAI On premise

Placement of equipment on the territory of the client


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  • more than 500 cameras
  • up to 30 days archives.
  • All software functionality.
  • 24/7 support.

The reliability and functionality of TargetAI are confirmed by certification and international recognition

The TargetAI platform has a number of documents and certificates confirming the origin, operability and data protection: ISO 15408 OUD 4, ISO 9001:2015, Atameken IS No. 101 100023, CT-KZ. Our IT team is the winner of the international Red Dot Awards 2022 in the category of Product Design.

Active cameras
Video analytics events per month
3, 000, 000+
Guaranteed uptime
Monthly processed data
12 petabyte+